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My very first piece of transportation was a motorcycle. It was a slick little Suzuki Savage that a friend of the family allowed me to use for getting around. It was no sex machine, but it gave me a feel for two wheels. Unfortunately I dumped it (as all riders do within their first six months) and that was the last time I rode a bike for a few years. After I got out of the Army, I realized what I had been missing and scooped up an old Kawasaki Ninja 600R. This bike was perfect for me to learn Sport Riding on. I rode it to death in the few months I had it. Unfortunately it died at about 100mph (I've learned to be more careful since then). I upgraded to a beautiful black Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6. This bike is so sweet it makes my teeth hurt. I've only gotten it up to about 145mph, but I've been told time and again that it can top it. Someday I'll try. I'm hoping to upgrade again soon. I haven't completely decided yet, but I'm strongly leaning towards the Ninja ZX-9R. We shall see.

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