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To obtain a position as a secondary education teacher with specialties in the fields of math and physical science.

I have spent the last four years studying the methods, techniques, and psychology of the classroom instructor. Prior to that I was a firearms safety instructor with Active Sports Training School. I feel that this highly stressful position has taught me patience and reason. It has also shown me what a benefit a qualified teacher can provide to his students. I have decided that to best serve my ideals and my fellow man, I should teach more fundamental skills.

Employment History:

1. Employer Name: Bounties Unlimited

City: Las Vegas
State: NV
Job Title: Bond Enforcement Agent
Employment Dates: 08/97-Present
Describe position:
Participated in fugitive capture and arrests. Included cooperation with local authorities and bail bond agents.

2. Employer Name: Community College of Southern Nevada

City: Las Vegas
State: NV
Job Title: Mathmatics Tutor
Employment Dates: 06/97-01/98
Describe position:
Assisted college level students with both rudimentary and advanced mathmatics.

3. Employer Name: SuperPawn

City: Las Vegas
State: NV
Job Title: Gunsmith
Employment Dates: 12/96-06/97
Describe position:
Maintained, cleaned, and tested firearms acquired by SuperPawn pawnshop.

4. Employer Name: Active Sports Firearms Training Institute

City: Las Vegas
State: NV
Job Title: Firearms Instructor
Employment Dates: 11/96-04/97
Describe position:
Taught basic gun handling, safety, marksmanship, and tactical use. Also instructed students on the laws and responsibilities of gun ownership.

5. Employer Name: B'more Security & Personal Protection Agency

City: Las Vegas
State: NV
Job Title: Personal Protection Officer
Employment Dates: 08/95-12/96
Describe position:
Provided personal protection for VIPs during Las Vegas special events, conventions, and other occasions. Provided crowd management for public figure appearances.

6. Employer Name: Nevada Army National Guard

City: Las Vegas
State: NV
Job Title: Unit Armorer
Employment Dates: 08/95-Present
Describe position:
Responsible for the maintenance of all small arms and sensitive items in my unit.

7. Employer Name: United States Army

City: Mannheim
Country: Germany
Job Title: Combat Engineer
Employment Dates: 11/92-08/95
Describe position:
Advanced demolitions, improvised construction, combat arms, sabotage/anti-sabotage. Led a five-man fire team in combat situations during the Bosnia Peacekeeping Mission.


School name: UNLV
City: Las Vegas
State: NV
Field of Study: Physics
Year Graduate: 2002

School name: Front Sight Firearms Institute
City: Bakersfield
State: CA
Field of Study: Firearms Instruction
Year Graduated: 1998

School Name: US Army
City: Multiple
State: Multiple
Field of Study: Various Combat and Logistical subjects
Year Graduated: Multiple

School name: Bonanza High School
City: Las Vegas
State: NV
Year Graduated: 1992

Technical Skills:
Highly proficient with IBM Compatible computers. Good knowledge of the HTML web language. Skilled in the use of experimental physics equipment such as Lasers, electromagnets, voltmeters, and similar devices. Though not applicable, I am highly trained in the use of all tactical weaponry and equipment.

Additional Information:
I have attended a number of specialty schools while in the military. The following is an abbreviated list:
* Basic Training
* Advanced Individual Training (Combat Engineering)
* Army Advanced Armorer School
* Basic Military Police School
* Advanced Demolitions School
* Combat Lifesaver School
Nevada Army National Guard
* Company Supply and Logistics School
* Advanced Individual Training (M1A1 Tank Crewman)
These schools have trained me to be highly disciplined, precise, and patient. They have also shown me the value of superior instruction and the importance of instructor patience.

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